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The people of the Grayson area are hard-working and ready for any challenge.

Businesses and industry are encouraged to locate in the Grayson area where an
available workforce is waiting for that challenge.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce at 606-474-4401Website

The City of Grayson reaches out to its citizens and its business community to ensure all regulated parties conform with city ordinances and regulations. If anyone believes that a business is being operated within the city without a valid business license or has employees that are not contributing to the city payroll levy, please notify the office of the city clerk or city treasurer at 606-474-6651. INFORMATION CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

Taxes and fees can remain within reason when everyone pays their fair share to operate the city to the betterment of its citizens, visitors or workforce traveling into the city everyday. Everyone's cooperation is appreciated and encouraged.


Occupational-Payroll Fee

Business License

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