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Emergency Management

The “City of Grayson’s” City Council passed an ordinance at the request of the Mayor creating the City’s Emergency Management Agency.  Grayson’s Emergency Management falls under the jurisdiction of Kentucky Emergency Management’s Region 7, which is one of the ten regions within the umbrella of Kentucky’s Division of Emergency Management.

Grayson’s Emergency Management has created a City Emergency Operation Procedure that will help to coordinate the City’s services and designated private organizations to manage and react to any natural or manmade disasters that affect the City.  In the event that the Emergency Operation Center is to be activated, the “City of Grayson’s” Mayor, who is the senior elected official, will be responsible for all decision making responsibilities in the Emergency Operation Center.  The Emergency Management Director will oversee emergency response operations and advise the Mayor of situations as they arise.  The “City of Grayson’s” Deputy Director will consult with the Director and help oversee the various Emergency Support Functions (ESF’s).

The office of the “City of Grayson’s” Emergency Management Agency (GEM) is located in the Grayson Fire Department at 316 East Third Street.  An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) would operate in that facility with GEM coordinating the response and recovery efforts.  The facility is well equipped with adequate space, communications, and staff to be able to respond to almost any emergency.

In October, 2009, GEM secured a $110,280 grant from the Department of Homeland Security toward the purchase of an early warning siren system.  The amount was the maximum allowed (75%) toward funding the $146,000 project.  The remainder of the funding was the joint effort of the City Council and several area businesses and institutions.  Four sirens have been installed at strategic locations around the City providing an early warning to residents, businesses, and visitors of an impending emergency.  The system has public announcement capabilities allowing GEM the ability to provide valuable information should an incident occur.

Another grant from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Shelter Program was secured in February of 2010 allowing GEM to purchase supplies for an  emergency shelter should the need arise.  Since the creation of GEM, shelters have been opened on two occasions with the cooperation of the Salvation Army, Kentucky Christian University, the American Red Cross, and the First Church of Christ.  The FEMA grant allows GEM to be better prepared for future shelter operations.

The “City of Grayson” EM has worked hard to secure grants for the Grayson Dive team.  Thus far, GEM has secured three grants for the team totaling $34,585.73 for dry suits, a JW Fishers side scan sonar system along with an underwater metal detector, and software mapping equipment.  GEM wants to be able to help support all of the city’s entities through grants and resources.

In 2014, GEM coordinated with Carter County Emergency Management, the Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) a cell phone alert system that allows notification to any persons in Carter County, whether a resident or visitor, of a weather related emergency situation within Carter County.

For any questions or comments about Grayson’s Emergency Management Agency, please feel free to contact EM Director Roger Dunfee at 606-316-4070 or call the GEM office at 606-474-5444 and leave a message. Written messages can be sent to Grayson’s Emergency Management, 316 East Third Street, Grayson, Ky. 41143, or emailed to

The “City of Grayson’s” Emergency Management Agency want to be able to “mitigate, prepare, respond and recover” effectively as possible during any incident affecting the City.

The “City of Grayson” is the county seat of Carter County and is located in the hills of northeastern Kentucky.  Nicknamed “the Heart of the Parks”, Grayson is centrally located between Grayson Lake State Park, Carter Caves State Park, and Greenbo Lake State Park.    With a population of 4,088 (2010), Grayson is a growing fourth class city, and population statistics show a slow but steady increase.


Roger Dunfee - Director

316 E. Third Street, RM 201

Grayson, KY 41143

Office: (606) 316-4070

Fax:      (606) 473-0921

Joanne Dunfee - Asst. Director



Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (606) 316-4070

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Grayson EM Office

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