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Question 1

When and where are City Council Meetings?

The Grayson City Council meets in regular session the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall located at 302 East Main Street. Citizen attendance and participation is invited and encouraged.

Question 2

Where can I obtain a Building and Zoning Permit?

Inquiries concerning building permits may be directed to the city Code Enforcement Officer Joe Hammer by calling (606) 474-6652 or by email.

Question 3

Whom do I contact related to city laws, ordinances or actions of city council?

The Grayson city records are kept by the city clerk and can be obtained by calling the City Clerk  at (606)-474-6651 or by e-mail 

Question 4

How do I apply for an Occupational or Business License?

Information is available by email from the office of the city treasurer or by calling city hall at (606) 474-6651.

Question 5

What are City Hall office hours?

Monday thru Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. City Hall is open during the lunch hour.

Question 6

How do I obtain a burning permit for open burning?

Contact the fire department at (606) 474-5444 or by email to Chief Greg Felty 

Question 7

Where can I obtain a vehicle accident report?

Police accident reports are available at the reception window of the Grayson Police Department, 320 E Third Street or by calling the Police Dept at 606-474-4308.

Question 7

Where can I report a streetlight not working?

Contact city hall at 606-474-6651. Please provide the general location of the light and the pole number. Poles are numbered with an aluminum tag about 6 ft up from the ground.

Question 8

Whom can I report a sidewalk problem, street pothole, missing sign or road hazard to?

Contact the city street dept at 606-474-0654 or email to Office clerk Sherry Gallion or Mayor Troy Combs . Please provide the general location by giving us an approximate street address.

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